Department of Touring

Growing your audience.

June 18th 2009

It’s possible to start from scratch and grow your audience, show by show. Here are some ideas that I have successfully used to increase a bands audience…

Getting your band overseas

May 18th 2009

Getting a band touring overseas has daunted bands and managers since we began exporting music. However when bands have managed to get overseas and tour it’s made it seem more do-able for the rest of us, and their achievements have opened doors we can all cash in on. Although in some societies funding is available in some capacity, for every band that gets funding to assist touring, there are dozens in the wings with their hopes dashed. I have set up tours with and without funding…

There is no formula

May 4th 2009

I do refer to this motto a lot within myself, because it took me ages to figure out there is no formula to life – let alone to ‘breaking a band’ as they say. Doesn’t matter if you think you are getting too old for this business, or have changed bands five times, have had a hit and then nothing to follow, have lost momentum - there really is no formula. Of course if it was just talent that this whole business was based on –heaps of bands would be famous. But so much is based on being at the right place at the right time, luck, hype, looks, famous friends and sometimes a good song! So it doesn’t matter how long you have been trying to get somewhere – there is really no formula – some music supervisor in LA might just be listening to your song right now . So don’t get disheartened by things not going your way – if you think that you have the songs, commitment and determination to get your music out there then that is the most important thing…